Retail store security system

Retail security system description

Store security system helps to prevent stealing luxury goods as mobile phones, expensive alcohol or jewelry out of show windows. Small and elegant wireless sensors with long battery life protect your inventory. Any sensor movement or protected object movement will cause alarm at staff work desk.  For easy daily usage, there is remote management keychain that allows arm/disarm sensors quietly. 


Why to choose SensMax retail store security system?

SensMax retail alarm system designed for daily protection of show windows from unauthorized opening. Small and elegant looking security sensors using innovative optometric protection technology protected from any magnetic lightning impact, that increase retail security system reliability.

SensMax security sensors are one-peace retail security devices, which allow using sensors both for showcase door and window protection as well as for single object protection. Innovative technology allows keep sensors working for 5 years without battery replacement. It gives you opportunity to protect your retail stores for a long period without a risk of system malfunction because of short battery life as it usually happens with cheap retail security solutions.  

Your staff will be informed about any unauthorized sensor or protected object movement using loud 90dB alarm, as well as with light indication of alarm zone. Security sensors connectivity range is up to 150m from alarm device.

Wireless keychain used for retail alarm system management. Advanced protection mode allows to disarm and open one show window, all others will be armed automatically once one show window opened. It makes SensMax retail security system very reliable for luxury goods protection.

Benefits of wireless security sensors for retail stores: 

retail-security-system-benefit-3.pngWireless alarm sensors –  small size, elegant look and very easy to install alarm sensors with innovative optometric object protection technology that can not be cheated by a strong magnet.

retail-security-system-benefit-1.pngLoud alarm – 90dB loud signal and alarm zone light indication, and option to connect external buzzer.

retail-security-system-benefit-5.pngSignal encryption – encrypted AES-128 radio channel for communication with wireless security alarm sensors.

retail-security-system-benefit-2.pngLong range communication – alarm sensors communication radius is up to 150m.

retail-security-system-benefit-4.pngLongest battery life – alarm sensors work 5+ years without battery replacement.

How security alarm system works?

Retail security system consists from wireless security sensors, management keychain and alarm collector. Wireless security sensors are one-peace devices that using optometric object control. Optometric security sensors protected from disarming by strong magnet, as it could happen with standard magnetic sensors. Alarm sensor protects object up to 2-3 cm in front of it. Once sensor detects unauthorized movement of the object, it sends alarm signal to alarm collector that placed at staff workplace.

Loud sound signal and alarm zone indication allows personnel immediately react to security situation. Wireless key-chain used for retail alarm system management. You need to press the button to arm/disarm the system. Once disarm button pressed, all sensors stays in waiting mode for some seconds until one show-case door opened.

All other sensors immediately return to armed mode automatically. It is very convenient for employees, as there is no need to worry about other objects when retail security system disarmed. 


Retail security system devices using encrypted AES-128 radio channel for secure communication to a distance of up to 150 m. It is very secure communication type as signal cannot be captured or interfered by 3rd party devices.

Wireless security sensors, optometric protection of object, magnetic protection, encrypted communication channel, loud alarm signal and extra-long battery life – all this makes SensMax retail security solution very reliable for luxury goods protection. 



Wireless alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard VCNL4010

This is wireless retail alarm sensor with innovative optometric protection feature. It is one-peace alarm sensor with extra-long battery lifetime of 5+ years. Retail alarm sensor has protection from magnetic field and lightning cheating. Very easy to install at show windows and behind any objects. Protection distance 2-3cm. Radio communication range – up to 150m. 


Store security system management keychain SensMax SensGuard RC1

This is wireless retail security system management device. It allows arming or disarming retail alarm sensors quietly. Store security system management keychain can be assigned to a separate group of sensors only. It gives opportunity to setup multi-level access to valuable items. Communication distance – up to 150m. Battery lifetime is up to 5 years.


Retail security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1

This is security device to monitor signals from retail alarm sensors. It has 10 security zones and has light indication for each zone. Retail security alarm collector has built in 90dB loud alarm with adjustable sound type. For stronger effect it can be connected to external buzzer. Communication range up to 150m. Power type – AC adaptor or USB cable. 



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