Remote temperature monitoring system for food stores and supermarkets

Remote temperature monitoring system

Remote temperature monitoring system for food stores and supermarkets

Remote monitoring system description

Keeping up an optimal temperature in coolers and freezers allows you to offer your customers fresh food. If the temperature falls above or beneath the optimal range food spoilage may happen. Spoiled products loss, non-compliance to regulations, equipment breakdown usually results to additional expenses.

SensMax offers remote temperature monitoring system SensGuard that provides full picture about temperatures in refrigerators failures.  You will get notice if temperature sensor detects refrigerator temperature went outside allowed range. Remote temperature monitoring gives you opportunity to react to problems timely and save money.


Temperature monitoring system works in real-time mode and allows detecting problems in early stage. You can setup allowed parameters of temperature range for each wireless temperature sensor, as well as define defrost algorithm for freezing equipment to filter out standard freezing equipment operation temperature rising due to defrost times.

Remote temperature sensors can be installed in any freezing and cooling equipment, as well as for warm displays and baking equipment.

Why to choose SensGuard wireless temperature monitoring system?

SensGuard temperature monitoring is an automated system that logs temperature records from many sensors and locations simultaneously. SensGuard monitoring system designed for commercial users to automate remote temperature monitoring in food stores and

Wireless and accurate temperature sensors with extra-long battery life, easy installation hardware and free online monitoring system makes SensGuard monitoring system a good choice for every food stores network. 

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-5.png Reduce products spoilage. Get notified in real time when the refrigerator temperature goes out of allowed range.

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-4.pngTake care about trade mark image. Offer your customers all time the best and fresh products to keep high your trademark image.

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-3.png Perform preventive maintenance. Track problems with refrigerators before the equipment failure happens.

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-2.pngSave resources. Automate temperature monitoring process and get rid of manual temperature checks.

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-1.pngFit regulatory compliance. Get all information from digital refrigerator thermometers in easy to use online reports.

How remote temperature monitoring system works

Remote temperature monitoring system SensGuard consists of three components - wireless temperature sensors, data collector and online temperature monitoring system. Wireless temperature sensors have built-in battery with guaranteed lifetime of 5+ years.

Sensors record temperature parameters each 5 minutes and send them to a temperature data collector, which transmits the information to a central database via LAN or Internet. One data collector may service up to 200 sensors within a radius of 150m.



Wireless temperature sensor SensMax SensGuard MCP9800

This waterproof sensor allows you to log temperatures range -30℃ ..+55℃ in freezing and cooling equipment. Temperature sensor has built in battery for guaranteed work for 5+ years. Temperature measurement happens each 5 minutes with temperature reading accuracy 0.5 ℃. 


Wireless temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100

This temperature sensor with temperature probe allows you to log temperatures in extreme temperature range of -200°C..+250°C. Temperature sensor PT100 works from AA type batteries for 5+ years. You can use up to 1m long temperature probe for temperature monitoring inside any specific equipment or extreme temperature environment keeping sensor outside. 


Temperature sensor gateway SensMax Data Collector

This gateway gathers temperature parameters from sensors that installed in refrigerators. All temperature measurement statistics from temperature sensors automatically goes to SensGuard online sensor monitoring system via LAN or Internet. One SensMax Data Collector may service up to 200 temperature sensors within a radius up to150m.


SensGuard online temperature monitoring system software

It is cloud based reporting portal for temperature measurement data processing in various ready to use reports. You can setup low and high temperature alarm settings, defrost parameters and choose temperature measurement type for each temperature sensor separately. All temperature sensors can be placed on an interactive map of the premises for easy problems spotting.

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