People counting solution for a shopping mall

People counting solution for a shopping mall


People counting solution SensMax will help you to see full picture of people traffic across your shopping mall per different floors. You will get detailed information about visitors traffic in 20+ statistical, analytical, administrative and financial reports sorted per hour, day, week, month or year.  

People counting system SensMax gives you opportunity to plan rent costs according to people traffic intensity in different zones or floors, to track people responsiveness to your marketing activities and pick-up the most effective marketing channels with higher impact to visiting intensity. 

People counting solution helps you to plan staff and security personnel schedule according to visiting trends. SensMax people counting solution for the shopping mall is fully automated with centralized reporting.  

 You will get answers to important questions for shopping mall business:

  • How many potential customers do I really attract to the mall? 
  • What marketing activities generates bigger people traffic? 
  • What floors and areas of the mall are the most popular?  
  • How to add different rent costs according to objective data of visiting stats? 

How it works

SensMax people counting solution consists from bi-directional wireless people counting sensors, automatic people counting data collector and people counting reporting software. Wireless people counting sensors are very easy to install without any special mounting works.

SensMax people counting solution sensors detects people movement direction and records it into internal memory marked as IN or OUT visitor. So you can see how many people were visiting dedicated area or shopping mall floor.

Data from people counting sensors automatically forwarded to people counting data collector. One data collector can read information from up to 30 sensors in radius of up to 900 meters (up to 150m in case of thick walls around).

Usually it is enough to install one data collector for medium size shopping mall to cover all entrances. Statistical data from collectors automatically forwarded to a central database for processing in various ready to use reports.

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