Automatic temperature and humidity meter for museums and castles

Automatic temperature and humidity meter for museums and castles


Temperature and humidity metering in a museum or an art gallery as it is very important for each valuable and ancient object or painting. Automatic temperature and humidity metering system helps to keep the art objects within optimal temperature and humidity range to avoid any damages which leads to additional expenses and may affect museum reputation.  


Moisture absorption, temperature fluctuations, Bio-damage can cause serious damage to sensitive art objects or furniture. SensMax SensGuard temperature and humidity metering system helps you to track actual status of temperature and humidity level in many locations in real-time and allows to detect any problems in early stage. 

You can setup individual parameters of temperature and humidity allowed range for each temperature and humidity sensor and get alarms via email or sms when temperature or humidity level is out of range. As well as you can see all temperature and humidity statistics online and setup automatic mailing with all system events and alarms summary on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits of temperature and humidity monitoring system:

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-5.png Control temperature and humidity. Get notified in real time when the temperature and humidity went out of allowed parameters.

 remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-4.png Take care about company image. Provide best conditions for each art object during in showrooms and storage rooms.

 remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-2.png   Save resources. Temperature and humidity control system is fully automated and no more needed to carry out manual temperature and humidity checks.

 remote-temperature-monitoring-system-benefit-1.png Fit regulatory compliance. Automatic temperature and humidity monitoring helps continuously maintain regulatory compliance requirements. 

How it works

Automatic temperature and humidity metering system SensMax SensGuard consists of three components - wireless temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity data collector and online temperature and humidity monitoring systemWireless temperature and humidity sensors are battery powered with guaranteed work term 5+years. Controlled temperature range is –25 ℃ to +55℃ and humidity in range of 0%-100%.


Wireless sensors record temperature and humidity parameters each 5 minutes. The data collector automatically reads temperature and humidity statistics from sensors within radius of 150m or up to 500m if signal repeaters installed and forwards information to the online monitoring system via LAN or Internet. 



Automatic temperature and humidity metering software is cloud based reporting application with multi user interface. You can see various statistical reports per each sensor, sensor group or all building.

Each temperature and humidity sensor has individual min/max measurement parameters and alarm settings. For convenient usage all sensors show on interactive map for easy spotting of problematic locations.  


You are welcome to check demo version of online temperature and humidity monitoring software at Please find DEMO button at the left and click it to get into remote monitoring software demo version. 

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