Online and offline reporting software for IoT sensors

Server Applications for people counting software

Outdoor | People counting in parks
The people counting radar fits most of all outdoor pedestrian counting projects. Advanced people detection algorithm allows covering area up to 200 square meters at an angle of 120 degrees. It is a benefit for footfall counting at wide entrances or even open space. The sensor working in any light conditions, even in dark, fog, and rain. Sidewall or pillar mounting inside a robust plastic box, life-time backup memory on SD card, and WiFi data transfer makes this device one of the best choices for outdoor people counting.
Retail Store | Real-time people counting
The real-time people counting solution with multiple counting lines and zones offer more benefits for retail stores. You can count entering and passing by visitors, counting occupancy per zone, or per store using one sensor. Easy installation, wide detection area, no-filming private counting, and light level independent make SensMax TAC-B sensor probably the best price-performance choice for retail stores.
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