Online temperature and humidity monitoring software

for SensMax Sensguard temperature and humidity sensors

Online temperature and humidity monitoring software

SensMax SensGuard temperature and humidity monitoring software is online platform for temperature and humidity parameters control in real time mode. It is cloud based online application with multi-user interface.

Online temperature and humidity monitoring software shows actual parameters of temperature and humidity in detailed reports per each sensor, sensor group or entire object sorted per country, city and brand name. Temperature and humidity monitoring sensors can be added to an object map, as well as monitoring software supports photo upload for exact sensor installation location.  


Each wireless temperature and humidity sensor can have individual temperature and humidity control parameters, as well as allowed period of violation time. This is useful to filter out non critical temperature and humidity violations, defrost periods for freezers and other short term factors to avoid generation of not important temperature or humidity alerts. Online temperature and humidity monitoring software designed for monitoring large quantity of objects.   

Digital filter floating average temperature mode 

Freezing equipment in grocery stores or supermarkets are used very often and temperature inside may change rapidly due to hot air flow through opened cover, but product temperature changes slowly. So it is needed to filter out rapid temperature changes from short term hot air flow. 

SensGuard remote temperature monitoring system allows to switch between two temperature measurement modes:

  • Exact temperature measurement mode for very sensitive locations as drug storage where air temperature should be very stable all the time.  
  • Digital filter floating average temperature mode for common locations as refrigerator in supermarket where air temperature changes rapidly when customer opens a door of freezer and hot air comes in, but you need to control stored food temperature rather air temperature. This special mode designed to avoid short term temperature raising peaks that comes from refrigerator doors opening.  

Temperature data collector automatically forwarding all information to the online temperature monitoring system, where it is displayed in a various reports and charts. You can adjust the individual parameters of min/max of allowed temperature for each sensor, as well as an algorithm for determining the defrost mode for the refrigeration equipment.

Each user will get automatic notifications about all temperature violations according to individual settings. All temperature violations recorded in the system and informs the user. Automated temperature control system SensGuard designed for monitoring temperature in network of stores, so you have options to set up multi level access rights and individual reporting and alarming settings.


Temperature and humidity monitoring software features: 

  • Defrost detection algorithm for equipment with automatic defrost cycles to avoid unnecessary alarm spamming.
  • Exact temperature measurement mode for very sensitive locations where air temperature has to be stable without any heavy fluctuations.
  • Digital filter floating average temperature mode for ordinary locations as supermarket refrigerators where air temperature changes significantly when client opens a door of freezer and hot air comes in. In that cases it is needed to filter out rapid temperature changes as they do not affect product temperature in short term.
  • Interactive map shows sensor installation location and helps easily find and identify problems within controlled object.  
  • Multi-user interface allows to setup multi level  access rights and  individual parameters of alert notifications frequency. 
  • Individual parameters of violation rules for each temperature and humidity sensor allows to reduce non important alert generation.

You are welcome to check demo version of SensMax SensGuard temperature and humidity monitoring software at  

Please klick DEMO button to get into the system and check all online temperature and humidity monitoring software features. 

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