SensMax Pro D3 wireless bidirectional people counting sensor

for people counting in shopping mall or other premises where is need to detect movement direction for calculating occupation of the premises

Wireless bidirectional people counting sensor SensMax Pro D3

Bidirectional people counter description

Wireless people counter SensMax Pro D3 designed for counting retail traffic in retail stores and medium-small shopping malls with option to detect visitor movement direction.

Bidirectional people counting gives you opportunity to detect how many people visited particular floor of the shopping mall, or how many visitors were inside the store.

Visitor counting system helps to track retail traffic statistics and to display it in various reports per hour, day, week, month and year. 


Why to choose wireless people counter sensor?

Wireless bidirectional people counters SensMax Pro D3 have easy installation that needs no special cabling works, like installing electricity or connectivity cables. Mostly this type of traffic counter device used for visitor counting solutions in shopping malls or any other complex premises where is need to detect visitors movement direction to calculate occupancy statistics or premises fulfillment by people.

Wireless people counters collect visiting statistics per IN/OUT movement direction and send this data to a data collector that forwards all statistics via local area network, internet or 3G connection to a central data base in HQ or SensMax cloud reporting portal. You can see both statistics per each movement direction separately, as well as summary of them that shows actual visitors were inside the premises. 

How wireless bidirectional people counter sensor works?

SensMax Pro D3 people counting sensor uses three infrared rays and advanced scanning technology to determine visitors’ movement direction. People counting sensor scans area 200 times per second, so movement direction detection is 94-98% accurate. It is wireless retail traffic counter device, so you can install it without any special cabling works in easy way by sticking to any surface at the entrance. 

SensMax Pro D3 wireless people counter battery life is 6-12 months depending on people traffic intensity. Front-end battery replacement is very convenient and can be done without people counting sensor removal. 

Bidirectional people counting system sensor stores each movement direction statistics separately into internal memory of the sensor that it is enough to store 25 days of hourly statistics for backup reasons.


Data from bidirectional people counting sensors automatically forwarding to HQ using SensMax TCPIP data collector via LAN/ Internet router, or 3G mobile network for projects where it is not possible to connect local IT infrastructure. Visitor counting system is fully automated and data updates happens each 20 minutes according to default settings. 

There are three modification of bidirectional people counters for various communication ranges. Please note differences and pickup best fit device for your project according to store or shopping mall size: 

  • SensMax Pro D3 – regular communication range up to 30-40m, 
  • SensMax Pro D3 LR – long range communication up to 150m in open space and up to 50m through walls, 
  • SensMax Pro D3 SLR – super long range communication up to 900m in open space and up to 150m through walls.

Benefits of SensMax Pro D3 wireless bidirectional people counter sensor:

people-counting-system-benefit-3.png Wireless setup – simple wireless counting sensor installation without any special cabling works.   

people-counting-system-benefit-5.png Internal memory – bidirectional people counter keeps 25 days of hourly statistics. 

people-counting-system-benefit-2.png Movement direction detection – supports people counting for incoming and outgoing visitors. 

people-counting-system-benefit-1.png Automatic operation – people counters operate in automatic way, no staff involvement needed during data collection and forwarding process.

people-counting-system-benefit-4.png Long range – wireless bidirectional people counters may have powerful radio modules for long range communication with data collector for distances up to 900m.

Technical info

SensMax Pro D3 wireless people counting sensor 
Operation principle Infrared beam crossing
Movement direction findingBi-directional 
Internal memory 25 days of hourly data 
Enclosure Black or White ABS Plastic 
Power supply AA batteries 
Battery lifetime Up to 6-12 months 
Data collection 
  • Automatic data collector SensMax TCPIP
  • Automatic data collector SensMax 3G 
Dimensions 67x67x25mm   
Counting accuracy 95% 2m, >2m -1%/m  
Passage width Optimal 1m - 5m, maximum - 9m  
Infrared ray angle Three beams, 6° 
Fixture Double-sided adhesive tape or mounting bracket 
Tamper protection Sound alarm and report into software 
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