SensMax SensGuard X1 security alarm collector

for alarm collection from wireless security sensors

Security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1


Security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1 designed to collect alarm signals from wireless alarm sensors. It can be installed towards staff or security work desk to inform them about unauthorized movements of controlled objects – goods showcase door, painting on a wall, entrance door, window or any other object. 

Clear audio signal and indication lights of alarm zone helps to respond to an emergency situation quickly. Security alarm collector has 10 control zones and support up to 20 sensors per each zone in radius of up to 150m.


SensMax SensGuard X1 security alarm collector designed for:

wireless-security-alarm-retail-shop-showcase.pngShowcase window alarm for valuable goods or jewelry in retail shops. 

wireless-security-alarm-window-door-protection.pngWindow and door alarm in premises.

wireless-security-alarm-table-drawer.pngTable drawer alarm for home and office use. 

wireless-security-alarm-museum-art-gallery-painting-protection.pngPainting or any other art object unatuhorized movement alarm.

How it works

Security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1 is central device of security alarm system. It responds to any alarm signal from wireless security sensors, as well as it is configuration device for sensor split per alarm zones. 

Security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1 has 10 control zones and support up to 20 security sensors per each zone in radius of 150m. Wireless security sensor detects movement of controlled object and sends information to the alarm collector that produces 90dB loud signal and lights alarm zone.

Alarm can be switched of using remote management keychain. Security alarm collector using encrypted AES-128 radio channel for communication with wireless security alarm sensors and it is very secure communication type as signal cannot be captured or interfered by 3rd party devices. Security alarm collector can be connected to a buzzer for louder alarm, as well as extension to any 3rd party alarm system upon special request. 

Benefits of SensMax SensGuard X1 alarm collector:

  • It is loud – 90dB loud signal, alarm zone indication, connection to a buzzer. 

  • Protected frequency - encrypted AES-128 radio channel for communication with wireless security alarm sensors 

  • Long range communication – communication radius is up to 150m.  

  • Easy setup – plug and play device with very easy installation.

Technical info

SensMax SensGuard X1 security alarm collector 

Qty of control zones 10 zones 
Qty of control points up to 200 alarm sensors 
Sensors supportedWireless alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard VCNL4010
Communication rangeUp to 150m 
Radio signal frequency 868MHz 
Signal encryptionAES-128 
Power supply 5V AC adapter 
Dimensions 114x36x20mm 
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