SensMax DE bidirectional infrared beam people counting sensor

for visitor counter projects with movement direction detection in locations with no IT infrastructure

Infrared beam people counting sensor bidirectional SensMax DE


Infrared beam people counter SensMax DE  is designed for visitor counting projects in locations with no IT infrastructure and need to count visitors with bidirectional movement detection. Bidirectional beam counters SensMax DE can be used in parks, castle museums with thick walls, any other premises with no IT infrastructure that can be used for statistical data forwarding to central database.

SensMax DE beam counters are wireless and very easy to install at any indoor or outdoor location. For outdoor installation it is complected with IP65 housing made from industrial plastics. 


How it works

Infrared beam counters SensMax DE uses three infrared rays to detect visitor and its movement direction. It is useful for visitor counting projects where are no options to use any external power source or connect devices to local area network for automatic data forwarding.

Beam counters SensMax DE are totally autonomous and use internal memory to store hourly attendance statistics over the past 150 days. Statistical data from the beam counter have to be collected using mobile beam counters data collector SensMax SE/DE and then exported to any PC or Laptop for processing in SensMax Easy report software. One data collector supports up to 150 sensors. 

Benefits of outdoor beam counters SensMax DE:

people-counting-system-benefit-3.png Wireless setup – very easy wireless installation without any cabling works.  

people-counting-system-benefit-5.png Internal memory - beam counter records 150 days of hourly statistics. 

people-counting-system-benefit-1.png Movement direction detection – bidirectional people counting for incoming and outgoing visitors.  

people-counting-system-benefit-2.png Autonomous operation – infrared beam counters operate without any connection to IT infrastructure. 

Technical info

Infrared beam people counting sensor SensMax DE
Operation principleInfrared beam crossing
Movement direction findingBi-directional
Internal memory150 days of hourly data
EnclosureBlack or white ABS Plastic
Power supplyAA batteries  
Battery lifetimeUp to 6-12 months
Data collection
Counting accuracy95% 2m, >2m -1%/m  
Passage widthOptimal 1m - 5m, maximum - 9m 
Infrared ray angleThree beam, 6° 
FixtureDouble-sided adhesive tape or mounting bracket
Tamper protectionSound alarm and report in software
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