SensMax Loyalty Button

for customer feedback survey and satisfaction research

Customer satisfaction survey system SensMax Loyalty Button L3


SensMax Loyalty Button is an effective tool for customer satisfaction research. SensMax Loyalty Button is wireless and can be easily installed in any business related location as retail store, bank office or airport aisle. 

The button collects three types of feedback – negative, neutral, positive. Customer presses dedicated icon and information recorded into internal memory of customer feedback survey device.

Statistical data from the customer satisfaction research button can be read by a data collector that transfers data to HQ. You can see customer satisfaction research results in ready to use reports in various time spans – per hour, day, week, month or year. SensMax Loyalty Button helps you to automate Net Promoter Score index research. 


How it works

SensMax Loyalty Button is battery powered wireless device for customer satisfaction research. It has three emotion icons and plastic question holder. Battery life is up to 2 years. The button records customer feedback survey results into internal memory that is big enough to store 25 days of statistics.


Data from the button automatically read by a data collector using radio channel. Afterwards customer feedback survey statistics forwarded to the central database via local area network or 2G internet connection to be processed within SensMax EasyReport application.

You can see customer satisfaction research results in graphical and tabular reports. If you are using SensMax people counting solution then you can combine customer feedback survey data together with people counting statistics. customer-feedback-survey-system-work.jpg

There are three models of SensMax Loyalty button available: 

  • SensMax Loyalty Button L3 – regular communication range up to 30-40 m, 
  • SensMax Loyalty Button L3 LR – long range communication up to 150 m in open space and up to 50 m through walls, 
  • SensMax Loyalty Button L3 SLR – super long range communication up to 900 m in open space and up to 150 m through walls.

Technical info

SensMax Loyalty Button 
Operation principleThree feedback buttons 
Internal memory 25 days 
Enclosure White ABS Plastic 
Power supply AA batteries 
Battery lifetime Up to 2 years 
Data collection 
Dimensions 67x67x25mm   
Spam filterIntelligent digital filter for spam pressings filtration 
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